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relationship with countries like this. they do not have to worry the u.s. might take military action. that is going to have implications for alliances all over the middle east because they've always relies on the u.s. being there when they need them. >> there's also, by the way, i think it's important to stress -- i actually think taking the military option off the table makes a conflict in the middle east more likely, not less. to israel principally. >> that's exactly right. the israelis were biding their time, thinking when the chips are really down, this president is not going to allow iran to become a nuclear weapons state. the president has said that many times. after the capitulation in syria, the israelis are looking at this in a whole new way. having conversationings with israelis, they simply don't think america is a credible -- >> the israelis are boxled in now. they can't do anything because they would isolate themselves if they acted. >> that's true. i think things are much harder for israel to act. israel has acted in the past when the whole of international opinion was
or friend, there's been enough of them that virtually everybody, all of us know someone who's had it cancelled and demand they explain what the heck they thought they were doing and difficult for them to defend the law right now so i think the more that they get pressed, look, one example, dianne feinstein went back home recently, came to washington and said she is signing on to senator mary landrieu's bill to force the companies to continue these insurance policies -- she's from a safe seat. she must have really got it in the neck in california and that's going to happen. >> you have these democratic fixes and have democrats admitting there are mistakes but that we've got the fixes that will work. are constituents going to believe them? >> those are exactly what you suggest. they're cover. so the landrieu bill which would require insurers to kin offering the bill and kay hagen that would extend enrollment. people are realizing they won't work. democrats did such a phenomenal job of destroying the insurance markets there are no quick fixes and can talk about it but they can't comp
be in danger of using her oncologist. >> right, just very limited choices in the exchange's narrow networks. so this person wrote, for example, in the exchange policy, she couldn't go to m.d. anderson. >> houston cancer center. >> renowned cancer center in texas. so it really just disrupted her care for a stage 4 cancer patient. and we're seeing that nationwide, state to state, not just california. >> i think the democrats, senate democrats have to break here, before the president would even consider any substantive changes. you agree with that? >> i think so. he's going to have to be under tremendous pressure. really, as joe was suggesting, this law is structured in a way that's going to make it very difficult to revise or break apart at this stage. >> it will either be a delay i think or nothing much is going to happen. when we come back, new jersey votes for chris christie again. what can the republican party learn from his re-election? i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink car
people use this interim period to person naently withdraw from obama care. they cannot allow that to happen. >> the insurers are really up in arms about this, joe. they basically said this is going to cause prices to rise and they've been working for three years in good faith with the administration to accommodate their previous rules. now that those rules are waved for a little while, are they going to be able to make this work? >> they're going to decide that probably by monday. but they were not told about this rule change until the morning of the announcement. so they were completely blindsided. and they now have the business works and practice. it takes a long time to develop these contracts, to set rates, to set benefits, get them approved by state regulators. if the president really wanted to ensure there's a transition, he would have announced this change ten months ago when it would have actually mattered. >> this does seem to have exploded politically in the short term to the extent it has stopped democrats from demanding even greater change. is that a fair summary?
leaders? >> if the president didn't know the u.s. is even in worst shape than we thought all along. first of all, the nsa, everything they do is supervised. this wasn't some rogue operation. this is what they do. and, you know, a lot of the data we get from europe is collected in this way. >> and also collected -- >> with the help of the europeans, yes. so the idea that he didn't know either not being truthful or not doing his job at all. >> yes, the implication of that -- this idea that the nsa is somehow a rogue agency like in a hollywood film where they've got all these people going out on their own and listening to whatever they feel like just because, well, it feels good, and we can do is so we will do it. that's not really plausible. >> the nsa came out this week on wednesday at hearing with the head of national intelligence and keith alexander, head of nsa, saying, first, everything we do, we get guidance from the white house. we don't always say this information came from this tap. if it's something important as we got it from the chancellor of germany angela merkel, that will be
to help out people. they are working also with the red cross. the congressman joins us now on the telephone, and congressman, i know it's a busy day for you. thanks for taking a few moments. what areas were hit hardest? >> greg, it's good to be with you. i'm literally standing in washington, illinois, which is the community that's been hit hardest by tornadoes this morning and early afternoon. the city has put out an all-call for physicians and nurses in the surrounding communities to come to the fire station. they're needing additional medical help here. literally neighborhoods are completely wiped out. and, obviously, the entire town of washington is devastated. but driving through, you know, very -- you know, large home neighborhoods, homes that are half-million-dollar brick homes that are completely gone, and nothing but the sign of the entrance to the neighborhood. i'm looking at subdivisions of 20 to 30 homes, and there is not a home there. and, you know, many of these people thankfully took shelter in their basements, but some of them didn't, so there are some folks
. either personally or friends. there's been enough of them that virtually everybody, all of us knows someones who had their insurance canceled. they're going to demand these democratic lawmakers explain what the heck they thought they were doing. it's going to be very difficult for them to defend the law right now. so i think the more that they get pressed -- one example, dianne feinstein, senator from california, went back home recently, came to washington and said she's signing on to governor mary landrieu's bill. she's from a safe seat. she must have really got it in the neck back in california and that's going to happen all over the country. >> you have these democratic fixes. democrats admitting there are mistakes. but that we've got the fixes that are going to work. are constituents going to believe them? >> those are exactly what you suggest, they're cover. so the landrieu bill would will require insurers to continue offering the plan. the kay/hagan bill that will extend enrollment. people are rapidly realizing those aren't going to work. they're not going to offer any real re
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Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)